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I did my assignments by my own knowledge and skills also by looking information in books, for example, I had to look information of traditional Venezuela festival and it improved my skills and knowledge. I these assignments I learned how to make an interview in which I asks someone questions about her life, also I wrote about my personal life for example my diet and my dislikes and likes

my house

My house

I live in urb Las Naciones street 58 Avenue 14 number 14B- 52 behind of C.C.Delicias and the Bingo Seven. Next to las Naciones buildings and in from of la paragua residents



Probably the most celebrated event of them all, carnival takes place during the month of February, forty days before Good Friday. Carnival has existed in Venezuela since the colonial period and was mach celebrated in Caracas today, however, carnival has lost its importance in the mayor cites and is taken more seriously in the coastal towns and other provinces especially in EL CALLAO.
El Callao was founded in 1853 with the name of caratal. It is a town of multicultural history, where many Europeans would try their luck in their search of gold and other vast riches this are offered. It was the mixture of Englishmen, Americans and Frenchmen and their cultures that brought as a consequence the version of carnival that is celebrated in this town. Carnival become a moment in with people could forget their racial, and social differences. The blacks that were brought to the country as slaves have contributed enormously to this festival, since this was also an opportunity for them not to be belittled, and they could behave any way they wished, and pray any way they wanted.
By 1925 the people of el Callao treated this festivity as an important event in their yearly calendar and preparations began early. Costumes were ordered from an English shop called well dons which arrived in great bulk trough the postal system of Ciudad Bolivar. Funnily enough, it was the blacks of el Callao that would order these costumes, as they liked for this event because of the proximity of the Caribbean islands, traditions such as the calypso from Trinidad and the laborious dresses of the women of Guadalupe and Martinique became part of the show as well.

my dearest friend

My friend

Yosely ferrer was born on a sunny afternoon in Maracaibo in 1987. As a kid, she did not have many friends. Her childhood, however, was neither unhappy nor lonely, and in her early years, she discovered a passion for books and teaching that would eventually influence her career choice. In 1999, she became noticeably interested in foreign languages, French being the one that intrigued her the most; she decided to take a course at L•Alliance Francaise, which she would abandon after six levels due to lack of time. In 2003, her fascination for languages was reborn. Hence, she took a placement test at the Electronic Center of languages and was placed on the 13th level. This greatly amazed her family for she had never before studied English formally. The following year, she graduated high school with a very clear notion of what she wanted to do thenceforth: teaching foreign languages. Consequently, she began to study modern languages at the University of Zulia. A few months after, she completed the English program for adults she had started and, feeling slightly insecure regarding her knowledge of the English languages, she resolved to take yet another course at CEVAS. Although she only did the last five levels, the aforementioned course helped her better her writing and speaking skills enormously. Meanwhile, she resumed her French studies and sat a placement test for English and French at the University of Zulia: she skipped the first three intensives on both cases. Further more, one of the most significant moments in her life occurred when she was chosen valedictorian by CEVAS academic coordination and gave a speech that earned her first job offer at the age of 18. In regards to future goals, she wishes to graduate suma cum laude and get a master degree on Spanish as second languages.

the doctor


Susan: Hello Whitney! How are you?
Whitney: I’m really sad Susan! I’m too fat.
Susan: well, I think you are right; you have gained a lot of weight.
Whitey: The other day I tried to ran some miles and I couldn’t, I god tired really fast
Susan: Maybe you should go see a doctor
Whitney: you’re right! Who do you recommend?
Susan: I know a Dr Johnson, do you want me to give you her number?
Whitney: yes please, thank you very much.


Receptionist: Good afternoon! Can I help you?
Whitney: yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Johnson.
Receptionist: Oh! Right… you’re Miss Houston! Come on in please.
Whitney: Thank you!
Dr. Johnson: Hello miss Houston! How are you today?
Whitney: I feel Terrible.
Dr Johnson: What’s wrong?
Whitney: I can’t lose weight! I used to be a singer. I had a great body and recorded several albums. But I retired and began eating a little bit more… like 10 times a day and I became really fat
Dr Johnson: Ok Miss Houston, let’s take a look at you.
Dr Johnson: Ok I know what you need: don’t eat for 6 months and buy 30 bottles of OUT FAT.
Whitney: Thank you so much Dr Johnson! I really a appreciate what you did for me!


Sales Person: Hello! Can I help you?
Susan: yes please. My friend here needs 30 bottles of OUT FAT, she has a weight problem
Sales person: I see, follow me please.
Susan and Whitney follow the sales person
Sales person: I have this special bottle for cases like yours!
Whitney: That’s great! Just what I need
Sales person: and it only costs 500.000 Bs
Whitney faints.
Susan: Whitney! Whitney! Oh my god!
Whitney wakes up
Whitney: I think I’ll have liposuction

sol and jose


My name is Joselyn Reaño, I was born in Maracaibo in March 7th my birthday it’s a special celebration to me. I really like this time because I share with my family and they give me presents. Also I like Fridays day because the classes finish and the weed ked begin. All years I wait this month with anxious. This one is going to be very good; because I’m planning to make a big party with my friends and my family.

Solangel Suarez was born in Merida in May 21st .Her favorite month of the year is December, because it’s Christmas month and. In this month she can go out with some relatives that she doesn’t shore with. Also in this month we give and receive presents. One day special for me is Friday because we take a break of class.

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The Opinion

The video is very romantic, I like the history because is very fantastic in this times no very does these another person.

The final

The final she said love her and she thank. She to express feeling and he she said wand rest or your live. He no acceptable because he want she went another person. I’m fact he said the eyes use for meet another people he does break heat the end